Transneft Kama Region Completes Preparing Operating Facilities for Fire Danger Season

Date of publication: 31 May 2021

Transneft Kama Region has prepared its operating facilities for the fire danger season. The works were performed in accordance with a specially developed plan of measures to ensure the reliable operation of the trunk pipeline system as well as the uninterrupted transportation of oil and petroleum products.

To prevent and avoid natural fires in the dangerously close vicinity of operating facilities, about 2,500 sections of line protected zones and overhead electric power transmission lines facilities were cleared of trees and shrubs. Dry grass was removed from tanks’ dikes, gate valve units and pipeline clean-up and inspection tools’ traps; 7 km of fire trenches along peatland protected zones were developed.

Flame arresters were installed on tanks at oil pumping and line operation dispatcher stations. The operability of fire protection and tank cooling systems was checked. Fire lines were developed around operating facilities. The inspection of lightning protection equipment for the thunderstorm period was completed.

34 forest fire-fighting crews were formed at Transneft Kama Region’s facilities. All teams members (more than 1,800 people) are provided with the necessary fire fighting clothing and equipment. Interaction with subdivisions of the state fire department was organised. Constant monitoring of the occurrence and timely elimination of unauthorised waste dumps is being carried out.

Based on results of the measures taken, all company’s business units issued and approved certificates of readiness for the fire danger season.

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