Transneft Kama Region Prepares 4 Thou Km of Pipelines and 28 Stations for Spring Flood

Date of publication: 12 April 2021

Transneft Kama Region has prepared its operating facilities for the spring flood period. A set of works was completed at 4 thou km of pipelines, as well as at 28 stations.
The works were carried out as per the industrial safety management system functioning at the company to ensure emergency-free operation of equipment.
An inspection and repair of about 1.5 thou pieces of equipment, including 344 at pipelines crossings via water barriers, was performed. Specialists tested the operability of 120 pipeline telemetry systems. 125 km of pipelines, route overhead and cable power lines vulnerable to scouring were examined and additionally reinforced.
As part of anti-flood operations at operating facilities, 6 special task forces were formed to monitor the technical condition of power lines and power supply facilities. Emergency response equipment: equipment and materials of mobile units for oil spill response, watercrafts and cross-country vehicles was inspected.
To ensure reliable and accident-free operation of pipelines during the flood period, an emergency supply of fuel and lubricants, equipment, as well as motor and special-purpose vehicles necessary for quick response to possible emergencies, was organised.
All operating facilities of Transneft Kama Region, where emergency vehicles are located and personnel of specialised business units for emergency prevention and response is based, are put on full alert. 
The annual implementation of the relevant measures helps maintain the stable operation of Transneft Kama Region’s pipeline system during the spring flood.


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