Lazarevo LODS Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

Date of publication: 10 February 2021

The Lazarevo line operation dispatcher station (LODS) of the Kazan Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (RPD) of Transneft Kama Region celebrates the 40th anniversary since the start of operations.

The Lazarevo LODS, located in Kirov Region, was commissioned in 1981 for the transit of Siberian crude oil via the Surgut – Polotsk and the Kholmogory – Klin oil trunk pipelines (OTPs) to Central Russia. Later the LODS began to provide oil transportation to the port of Primorsk.

At present, the station serves sections of 2 oil trunk pipelines (OTPs), the Surgut – Polotsk and the Kholmogory – Klin OTPs. The LODS is responsible for about 120 km of oil trunk pipeline corridors and a tank farm. The station provides oil acceptance, transportation, accounting and storage.

Today, the station is a high-tech operating facility that includes innovations and the latest equipment. The station’s capacity is constantly being upgraded. Over the past 5 years, technical upgrading of the tank farm was carried out, the oil lease automatic custody transfer unit (LACT) was upgraded, innovative automated control systems were introduced, heating networks were overhauled, industrial sewerage and perimeter security alarm systems were revamped. The station also houses a modern administrative and amenity complex and a warm parking for vehicles of the central maintenance division.

In 2016, to ensure fire safety of the station, a new firehouse with 4 entrances and a warehouse for foaming agent, 2 fire tanks with a volume of 3 thousand m3 each were built.

Oil pump houses are equipped with 3 electric motors produced by Russian Electric Motors (REM), Chelyabinsk, with increased efficiency and improved energy-saving characteristics. In 2021, it is planned to commission a tank with a volume of 50 thousand m3 at the station.  The technologies and equipment used ensure high reliability of pipeline transportation facilities and timely oil delivery to the end consumer.

The station’s headcount is 120 employees. The high level of the employees’ professionalism is evidenced by departmental and corporate awards, annual victories and prizes in industry contests.

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