Transneft Kama Region Inspects Over 4.1 Thou Km of Pipelines in 9 months

Date of publication: 26 October 2020

Transneft Kama Region has summed up the results of trunk pipelines inspection in 9 months. From January to September 2020, 43 sections of trunk pipelines with a total length of 4110 km were inspected. The work was carried out in the Republics of Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Udmurtia, Chuvashia, Perm Territory, Kirov, Samara and Sverdlovsk Regions.

Comprehensive monitoring was conducted as part of a diagnostic programme for operating facilities of Transneft Kama Region for 2020. The goal was to ensure emergency-free operation of the company’s operating facilities, as well as to comply with a high level of industrial safety and environmental legislation requirements.

In particular, specialists conducted in-line inspection of sections of trunk pipeline underwater crossings via the Kama and Ik rivers with a total length of 9.5 km.

The inspection was carried out using modern pipeline inspection gadgets (PIGs) – combined magnetic inspection tools (CMIT) and ultrasonic inspection tools (UIT) manufactured by Transneft Diascan. The feature of the CMIT is the use of new MFL and TFI measuring systems equipped with new-generation five-component sensors which have a 20% increased sensitivity to detect small defects’ dispersion field.

Evaluation of technical condition of the trunk pipelines using PIGs is carried out on the basis of detected defects in pipelines’ welds and walls.

In addition, from January to September, process pipelines, main and auxiliary equipment of pumping stations of the Kazan, the Perm, the Almetievsk, the Romashkino and the Udmurtia Regional Oil Pipeline Directorates were inspected. Mainline and booster pumps, stop valves, horizontal steel tanks, oil systems, fire water tanks, foam solution storage tanks were tested.

Following the results of the inspection, the condition of the examined facilities was declared satisfactory. The defects detected in the inspection process will be eliminated during scheduled repairs.