Transneft Kama RegionTransneft Kama Region Holds Tabletop Drills Holds Tabletop Drills

Date of publication: 24 September 2020

Transneft Kama Region has conducted tabletop drills (TTD) to eliminate the consequences of oil release at the oil trunk pipelines in the Republics of Tatarstan and Udmurtia.

The goal was to improve practical skills in the prevention and elimination of natural and man-caused emergencies.

 Events of this level are held as per schedule at least once a year at Transneft’s facilities with the participation of professional and non-regular emergency rescue teams, representatives of regional departments of the EMERCOM of Russia, Rostekhnadzor and territorial executive authorities.

 As per one of the drills scenarios, the district control centre of the Udmurtia Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (RPD) received a signal about a “breakthrough” of the section of the Nozhovka – Mishkino – Kiyengop OTP underwater crossing via the Suva River. Oil transportation was “stopped”. A patrol crew, which arrived at the site, detected a simulated oil release onto the water surface. Booms were promptly deployed on the river and special-purpose equipment – oil skimmer vessels and tanks – was installed. "Oil" was collected in full as scheduled.

 The drills in the Republic of Udmurtia were held in cooperation with the territorial executive authorities and local authorities in accordance with the Instruction of the President of the Russian Federation.

 According to the scenario of the TTD, which, in the meantime, took place in Laishevo District of the Republic of Tatarstan, the operator recorded a simulated pressure drop below the permissible level at the Almetievsk – Gorky-3 OTP section. Crude oil transportation was “stopped” remotely. A patrol crew of the Kovali PS emergency line maintenance division (ELMD), which arrived at the site, confirmed the "loss of containment of the pipeline and the oil release." The professional emergency rescue team (PERT) of Transneft Kama Region polished the rescue of the “victim” from the gas-polluted area. The participants of the drill collected all the "oil" in special tanks for further disposal. The adjacent territory was cleaned from simulated pollution. 

A total of more than 200 people took part in the elimination of the simulated incidents’ consequences. The supervisory commission which involved representatives of Transneft Kama Region, the EMERCOM of Russia and Rostekhnadzor evaluated the high readiness of the company’s business units for possible emergencies and the ability to effectively interact in the elimination of their consequences.

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