Transneft Kama Region Holds Firefighting and Tactical Drills at Kaleikino Oil Pumping Station

Date of publication: 23 September 2020

Transneft Kama Region has held a firefighting and tactical drill at the Kaleykino oil pumping station of the Romashkino Regional Pipeline Directorate.

The goal was to check the readiness for effective interaction and prompt response in emergency situations.

According to the drill scenario, “damage” to the pump unit occurred in the engine room of the booster pump of the Almetievsk – Kuybyshev-1 oil pipeline, which led to a "leak" of up to 10 m3 of oil followed by "ignition". The automated fire-extinguishing system was “damaged” as a result of the accident.

The crews, which included the firefighting personnel of volunteer and onsite emergency rescue teams of the Kaleikino station, fire station (FS) No. 9 of the Almetyevsk branch of the contractual fire guard unit of the EMERCOM for the Republic of Tatarstan, acted using standard fire extinguishing and tactical equipment. The “fire” was contained in an area of 220 m2. At the same time, building structures, process equipment were cooled to ensure the preservation of the structural integrity and prevent the spread of the “fire”. The crew on duty of the fire station promptly arrived at the place of fire and organised the evacuation of the PS employees.

The “fire” containment and elimination task was successfully completed. The committee noted the high level of readiness of the firefighting units for the prompt response, as well as the coherence of actions in the drill emergency.