Transneft Kama Region Completes Hydraulic Testing of Tank under Construction at Perm LODS

Date of publication: 16 September 2020

Transneft Kama Region has completed hydraulic testing of the oil storage tank, which is being constructed at the Perm line operation dispatcher station (LODS) of the Perm Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate.

The new vertical steel floating-roof tank with a volume of 50 thousand m3, diameter of almost 60 m and a height of 18 m was built as part of Transneft Kama Region’s technical upgrading and revamping programme to replace the dismantled tank and is intended for oil reception and storage.

To test the tank for strength and leakage, the method of pouring water up to the design level with hold pressure for 72 hours was used. The tests were conducted after the completion of all welding and installation works and control of their quality, connection of pipelines for loading and discharge of water to the tank. The functional condition of the floating roof, its tightness and ability to move freely along the height of the tank were checked. Based on the tests results, a positive conclusion was received; there were no signs of leakage and unacceptable deviations.

To date, foam fire extinguishing and water irrigation systems were mounted at the facility; process equipment and pipelines were installed. An anti-corrosion coating was applied; the outer and inner surface of the tank were being painted; a dike device was installed; an overhead cable tray and an electrochemical protection system were being mounted; a set of improvement works was launched.

Commissioning of the tank is planned for November 2020 after comprehensive testing and verification of all means and systems for compliance with design values and regulatory documents.

For reference:

The Perm LODS is the largest station of the Transneft Kama Region Perm Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate. It is located near the city of Perm.  The business unit provides transportation of oil through oil trunk pipelines with a total length of more than 180 km in four directions: the Surgut — Polotsk, the Kholmogory — Klin, the Perm — Almetievsk, and the Perm — PNOS (PermNeftOrgSintez) OTPs.

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