Transneft Kama Region Completes Scheduled Repairs at Sections of Trunk Pipelines

Date of publication: 26 August 2020

15 stop valves and four pressure taps on the Perm – Almetyevsk, the Almetyevsk – Kuybyshev-2 and the Kholmogory – Klin oil pipelines were replaced. At the Perm LODS, four defective offshoots were replaced and the gate valve was connected during the construction of the tank. The measures taken will allow maintaining high operational reliability of process equipment.

As part of the Almetievsk – Kuybyshev-2 OTP revamping, three constructed sections with a total length of more than 19 km were connected. Pipeline clean-up and inspection gadget traps (PIG traps) of the Perm – Almetyevsk OTP underwater crossing standby leg via the Ik River were also connected.

During the works, the transportation of oil through oil pipelines was suspended as per schedule.

As part of the programme of revamping and technical upgrading of the pumping stations at the Kaleikino PS and Platina LODS, after the replacement at the stations, one mainline pump unit (MPU) per each station was connected, the capacity of each is 7 thousand m3 of oil per hour. Modern pumps manufactured by Transneft Oil Pumps (Chelyabinsk) have increased efficiency indicators and increased service life.  

The performed repairs ensure smooth functioning of operating facilities.

During the period of the scheduled works, 32 repair pits were deployed, more than 280 equipment were involved. The works were carried out 24/7 by the repair teams of the Perm, Udmurt, Kazan, Almetievsk and Romashkino Regional Oil Pipeline Directorates of Transneft Kama Region with the involvement of technical assistance of Transneft Siberia, Transneft North, Transneft Urals and Transneft Upper Volga.

Oil transportation was resumed on schedule and oil pipelines operate under the standard protocol.

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