On Detection of Coronavirus Infection Cases at Naberezhnye Chelny PS of Almetievsk Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate of Transneft Kama Region

Date of publication: 22 June 2020

Primary testing organised by the company has revealed 6 cases of suspected coronavirus infection at the Naberezhnye Chelny PS of the Almetievsk Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate of Transneft Kama Region. Workers were relocated to their homes for self-isolation; there is no need for inpatient treatment.

All cases are asymptomatic. The second laboratory testing showed that three employees had no coronavirus infection.

At present, a shift (two-week) isolation operating protocol for operational personnel has been introduced at the Naberezhnye Chelny; all necessary conditions have been created for the employees to live at the station.  

A specialised organisation carried out enhanced sanitisation of the station’s premises and common areas with a special disinfectant.

All sanitary and epidemiological protection measures are provided for the employees staying at their workplaces: protective masks and gloves are available, body temperature is measured twice a day, dispensers with a skin antiseptic for hand treatment are installed, ultraviolet germicidal irradiatiors and thermal imagers operate.

In order to avoid possible infection, contacts of the PS employees are limited, all business trips and participation in external meetings are cancelled. At the PS, the current disinfection protocol has been enhanced, incoming mail is received in a non-contact manner with further additional disinfection. 

In order to implement operational measures to prevent the coronavirus infection spread, Transneft Kama Region has conducted laboratory examination with testing for the COVID-19 virus among all persons who had had contact with the Naberezhnye Chelny PS employees with suspected infection.

At the PS, the necessary sanitary and epidemiological requirements are met; the operating facility had not been inspected by supervisory organisations.