Transneft Holds Meeting for Chief Engineers in Kazan

Date of publication: 20 December 2018 Print

A meeting for Chief Engineers of Transneft was held in Kazan on the basis of Transneft Kama Region on 18-19 of December 2018.

The event was attended by Pavel Revel-Muroz, Vice-President of Transneft; Roman Zavalishin, Deputy Vice-President; heads of Departments; heads of Sections and Divisions of Transneft; Directir General and Chief Engineer of Transneft Kama Region as well as Chief Engineers of Transneft subsidiaries.

The participants of the meeting visited the operating facilities of the Romashkino and Kazan regional oil pipeline directorates of Transneft Kama Region: Mikhailovka-1 PPPS and Kovali-1 PPPS.

One of the main topics on the agenda was emergency-free operation of oil trunk pipelines and petroleum products pipelines. Other issues discussed at the meeting included: the state of industrial safety and occupational health, organisation of work during planned shutdowns of trunk pipelines, analysis of the state of corrosion protection of trunk pipelines, readiness of fire units to protect Transneft subsidiaries’ facilities.

The Chief Engineer’s meeting in Kazan resulted in setting the course for improving operational processes and increasing the reliability of operating systems and equipment for trunk pipeline transport.