2nd Stage of 1st Round of Youth Science and Technology Conference Held at Transneft Kama Region

Date of publication: 28 November 2018 Print

The second round of the annual Youth Science and Technology Conference (USTC) was held at Transneft Kama Region on 26-28 November 2018. About a hundred specialists under 30 y.o. from Kazan, Izhevsk, Perm, Leninogorsk and Almetievsk, who had passed the qualifying stage, took part in the event.

Robert Galiev, Director General of Transneft Kama Region, noted in his welcome speech to the participants that the conference was an excellent stepping-stone for those who wanted to succeed in their job and in life in general, and a great opportunity for the Company to discover new young talents and to find solutions concerning vital production issues.

The contest implied that each participant had seven minutes to unfold the benefits of their innovation proposal or R&D solution and to substantiate its value for operational purposes.

A committee made up of key experts from Transneft Kama Region and the Director General of the Company, evaluated the presentations and granted awards to the best participants. The winners and prize-winners will participate in the next round – Transneft’s all-Russia youth contest of innovative solutions. Those who pass it will proceed to the finals – the international stage of the conference which is to take place in Bryansk in 2020.

After the prizes were handed out, a symbolic oil pipeliner initiation ceremony was held for those of the young specialists who participated in the conference for the first time.


For reference:

Young specialists under 30 make 21% of Transneft Kama Region’s staff.  The USTC is held by the Company annually to unlock the scientific and creative talent of young employees. The conferences traditionally consist of three rounds: at the branch office level, at Transneft Kama Region level and at Transneft level. Since 2016, an international conference for member companies of the International Association of Oil Transporters has been held annually.


The winners of the youth science and technology conference at Transneft Kama Region:


Section 1. Design and Operation, Construction and Revamping of Oil Trunk Pipelines

No. 1 — Aleksandr Merzlyakov (Perm Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (RPD));

No. 2 — Ilgam Dabihullin (Kazan RPD);
No. 3 — Salavat Zakirov (Romashkino RPD).

Section 2. Mechanical and Power Equipment, Corrosion Protection

No. 1 — Georgiy Vladimirov (Udmurtia RPD);
No. 2 — Aleksey Bikeyev (Udmurtia RPD);
No. 3 — Marat Maskov (Perm RPD);
No. 3 — Yevgeniy Novoselov (Perm RPD).

Section 3. Automation of Plant Control Systems and Communication

No. 1 — Diana Mukhamadeyeva (Administrative staff);
No. 1 — Rustem Tuktarov (Administrative staff);
No. 2 — Aleksandr Shutkin (Udmurtia RPD);
No. 3 — Ramis Gataullin (Almetievsk RPD).

Section 4.  Industrial, Fire, Environmental Safety and Occupational Health and Safety

No. 1 — Guzel Minyazova (Romashkino RPD);
No. 2 — Anatoliy Posohin (Perm RPD);
No. 3 — Irina Nikitina (Romashkino RPD).

Section 5. Supervisory control. Commodity and Transport Operations. Metrology.

No. 1 — Alina Fazylova (Romashkino RPD);
No. 2 — Ilnur Sharafeyev (Administrative staff);
No. 3 — Dmitriy Dokuchayev (Udmurtia RPD).

Section 6. Economics, Management and Legal Issues

No. 1 — Alyona Isupova (Udmurtia RPD);
No. 2 — Olga Lyutikova (Udmurtia RPD);
No. 3 — Maryam Yusupova (Romashkino RPD).

Section 7. New Approach Analytical and Theoretical Projects for Innovative Development of Company Activities, Technologies, Industrial and Business Processes

No. 1 — Nazlygul Abdullina (Administrative staff);
No. 2 — Artem Karsakov (Administrative staff);
No. 3 — Artem Lukoyanov (Administrative staff);
No. 3 — Salavat Galiev (Administrative staff);