Plans to implement Transneft Kama Region’s programme of technical upgrading and revamping for 2018

Date of publication: 29 January 2018 Print

   Transneft Kama Region started implementing the programme of technical upgrading and revamping for 2018. January was marked by commencement of construction works to replace linear portions of the Naberezhnye Chelny – Almetyevsk, Almetyevsk-Kaleikino, Surgut – Polotsk, Kiyengop – Naberezhnye Chelny, Almetyevsk – Kuibyshev-1, Almetyevsk-Kuibyshev-2 oil trunk pipelines (OTPs), and underwater crossings of the Kholmogory-Klin OTP at the Lysva and Irymka rivers. The total length of the OTP sections to be replaced exceeds 62 km.

   Overall, replacing and connecting some 95 km of OTP sections of Transneft Kama Region infrastructure has been planned for 2018.

   Apart from that, construction of two vertical steel floating-roof tanks (VSFRTs), each of 50,000 m3capacity, continues at the Perm and Platina line operation dispatcher stations (LODS) affiliated with the Perm RPD. This month, installation of steel structures has been underway. The facilities are expected to be commissioned in November 2018.

   Construction of a fire department station with 3 gates has been underway under the programme of technical upgrading and revamping of oil trunk pipeline facilities at the Aznakaevo pump station (PS) affiliated with the Almetyevsk RPD. The project envisages construction of the office building with a warehouse for the foam generating agent, a production unit and a dispatching station. The new fire station will be supplied with state-of-the-art fire-extinguishing equipment and fire engines to perform complex tasks. The facility is expected to be commissioned in August 2018.