Udmurtia RPD has held a drill aimed at response to the simulated oil seep into the Cheptsa river

Date of publication: 11 July 2017 Print

The emergency response drill aimed at response to the simulated oil seep from the oil pipeline into the Cheptsa river was held at the linear section of the Surgut – Polotsk oil trunk pipeline (OTP) located within the area of responsibility of the Udmurtia Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (RPD), Transneft Kama Region.

Line emergency operation divisions (LEOD) of the Malaya Purga, Debesy, Bolshaya Sosnova, Kiengop oil pump stations and the Central Maintenance Division of the Udmurtia RPD took part in this activity. The means for response to emergency oil spills were applied at three critical lines. In total 26 employees and 14 equipment units were involved into the activity.

According to the drill script the operator of the Debesy PS registered a pressure decline within the underwater crossing of the Surgut – Polotsk oil trunk pipeline through the Cheptsa river and informed the Udmurtia RPD’s dispatcher of the incident. Upon agreement with the enterprise’s Chief Engineer a decision was taken to stop oil pumping by closing of line valves in order to shut off the damaged section and direct the oil flow to the intact backup branch.

Patrol crews of the Udmurtia RPD’s LEODs immediately arrived at the location of the simulated emergency situation to identify the reasons for the pressure decline, the fire team and healthcare professionals also arrived at the location.

In the course of the inspection of the section simulated damage an oil seep to the water surface was registered. The specialists of the enterprise’s emergency operation divisions set three lines of booms at the underwater crossing of the OTP through the Cheptsa river, collected the oil slick from the surface into special containers for its further utilization using the oil skimmers.

Due to prompt and well-coordinated operation of the staff the simulated oil spill was eliminated within the established terms. Absence of pollutants beyond the boom lines was confirmed by the Environmental Safety and Rational Nature Management Service of the Udmurtia RPD.

During the drill the staff of line emergency operation divisions of the Udmurtia RPD of Transneft Kama Region demonstrated a high level of professional qualification, coordination and accuracy of operation while responding to the emergency situation.