About the company

The history of Transneft Kama Region begins with a small Shugury – Klyavlino oil pipeline of only 27 km in length. For its  operation, the Tatar Oil Pipeline Office was established in Klyavlino on 16 August 1949 by the Order of N.K. Baybakov, Minister  of Oil Industry of the USSR. That was how the history of the large, modern company Transneft Kama Region began. The  enterprise was developing and progressing with the entire oil pipeline industry of the country.

Presently, Transneft Kama Region ensures operation of more the 6,000 km of oil trunk pipelines in terms of a single line, including over 267 km of underwater crossings, 52 oil pumping stations, and a tank farm with the total capacity of about 1.57 million m3. The company comprises 5 regional oil pipeline directorates with centres in Kazan, Almetievsk, Perm, Izhevsk, and Leninogorsk, whose production facilities are located in the territory of 11 constituents of the Russian Federation.

Our headquarters is located in Kazan. The company is headed by Robert Galiev.

Main Transneft Kama Region areas of business:

∙ Oil transport via trunk pipelines
∙ Oil storage
∙ Operation and overhaul of trunk pipeline transport facilities.

Company development outlooks

Currently, the main strategic mission of Transneft Kama Region is to make best use of its opportunities and capabilities in the area of ensuring operation of Russia-wide oil pipeline networks and facilities.

The work aimed at the upgrading and modernization of the production facilities with a view to improve the reliability of the oil pipeline system and increase the feedstock supplies to Russia’s oil refineries is in progress in accordance with the Development and Technical Upgrading Programme and the Overhaul  Programme for the linear portion and the equipment of oil pipelines.           

Strategic Development Primary Areas:

  • Maximization of the oil trunk pipeline system economic efficiency;
  • Quality improvement of oil transportation services;
  • Optimization of the existing pipeline system;
  • Completion of automation and telemetry of all trunk pipeline linear portion.